We have learned a lot about ourselves, what we want to become, and how to achieve our dreams


We love the direction we are heading


We are working together as a community to develop our next iteration - manifesto 2.0 is arriving soon!

Here’s what we believe so that we can build the learning system we want, every day. It’s our learn-to-thrive manifesto:

We design learning for children and adults, and see them as equally important.

Children deserve the best teachers and the best parents. To flourish and to keep up with the changing times, adults also have to learn as much as their children. We make a commitment to invest in every person in our learning community to ensure they reach their full potential.

The school’s vision is to foster your personal vision.

When we say ‘learn for life,’ we will never forget it is your life. Our dream is for you to have your own dream of a great life. From childhood to adulthood, you will continuously do the work of being the author of your life because only your own ‘why’ can sustain your resilience for long time learning.

Learning should make a difference now, not later.

Everyone can make an immediate impact on their lives and the world through their learning. Look at the teenagers who begin to apply the brakes to climate change. How much of a difference can we make in the world if we design every learning experience to have an impact on people and the planet?

Learning is worthwhile when you learn the essential skills to thrive in every part of life.

Our students are whole beings. Our learning system is based on essential competencies for all the important areas of a good life. That is why every program of learning taps into physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development.

We are not measuring achievement by grades at final exams but by the degree of well being and success in adult life.

Achievement is not about passing exams or high grades. We measure success by the long-term impact on our students. Our learning system will continue to provide experiences and contexts that support everyone’s learning beyond the years of ‘formal education’.


We are all capable of reaching mastery where we have talent, passion and hard work aligned. Expect greatness of yourself, and you’ve got a chance of achieving greatness. We will create great things through our learning. How do we know? Because we won’t stop until we do.

Learning happens in every moment, everywhere.

Real learning happens where life happens. We are developing a powerful learning culture with rituals and habits that take learning into day-to-day life. Our program is designed to support remote learning from day one.

Relationships sustain transformation.

Learning and thriving happen in relationships. We are creating a system that allows you to find a coach to support you, a mentor to inform you and a crew to keep challenging you. You will learn how to thrive and you will not be alone.

Joy and celebration keep the learning going.

We stop to rest and celebrate how far we have come. We smile on the way. On the journey of learning to thrive, we enjoy the progress, and the process. Our definition of a purposeful, thriving life is one that includes joy and gratitude with every step.

It doesn’t take "a" village. It takes a GREAT village.

We are profoundly interconnected. We learn more from each other than from school. We accept we are powerful role models and strongly influence each other. Together we will build a learning culture in every classroom and every home.

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