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21st century

Key components

Traditional vs. 21st century learning

Key components

Our vision and the main features of learning at CLC

Key components

From teaching to designing learning expeditions


The first expeditionary
Learning School in


A green


Features of Learning at CLC

Success in real life, beyond exams

This is the only time learners are in school. During this precious, unique time when they are safely learning, it is our responsibility to ensure learners gain the essential life skills that will enable them to thrive as adults. So let’s make sure that time spent in school is worthwhile for the whole person and for their entire life.

Our learning model is about ‘Learning to Design a Thriving, Purposeful Life’. It is holistic and long-term, focusing on all the key areas of development in life: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

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Learning pathways from 18 months to 80 years old

We see learning as lifelong, it is what serves us to move to the next step in our lives. Traditional school is about limiting learning to a narrow focus. The way we design learning is about opening up horizons and varied learning pathways for an unpredictable future. Learning is not about what happens ‘only in school’. It is about supporting each member in our community on their own personal learning journey.

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No more forced curricula.
No more one size fits all.

We learn more easily what we like, what is relevant to us and what is taught to us in the way we enjoy the most. In an education that works, learners are asked about their preferences and areas of interest. They can influence and choose ways of learning that suit them the most. Resources and ways of teaching are varied and allow for different styles of learning from visual and auditory to kinesthetic and social.

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Real projects with impact in the real world

Our expeditionary learning methodology uses a project-based approach which leads to real impact in the real world through every learning project. Learners get to do real work, they learn by doing and by experiencing real situations. This is much more effective to promote understanding and deep learning.

We have a triple-bottom line approach to assessing the effectiveness of all learning projects: personal mastery of skills and subjects, impact on the people and on the planet.

This changes school from a ‘grading and exam-preparation machine’ into an engine for ongoing improvement in the community.

Mastery of new skills, not memorization

Traditional education has focused on information and memorization. Although necessary, these are but a small and insufficient part of learning.
Learning is successful when you can actually use and apply what you have learned.

If you look at the neuroscience of learning, a learning cycle is complete when we have actually mastered a new skill. We do not only “know” something in theory, we are capable of using the information we have learned in practical and applicable situations. This approach to learning is focused on ‘skills’ or the wider concept of ‘competencies’ (which encompass information, abilities and attitudes).

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Self-directed Learning. Learner as agents in their own learning.
“Education will take you anywhere you want to go but it won't replace you as the driver.”

The world needs people who can self-direct and manage their time, form teams and make an impact by solving challenges that matter. Our approach is geared towards learners being able to learn for themselves, a little more every day.

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An outstanding learning culture.
“It takes a GREAT village.”

Our embedded Learning Culture in every classroom and every family maximizes the effectiveness of teaching, parenting and leadership. As a school, we design learning for everyone in the community, not only children.

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High standards for every learner.
At their own pace.

Effective schools have high standards for each and every learner. The science of learning has repeatedly proven how powerful high expectations are to drive success. It is called “The Pygmalion Effect” and it works, but only if education is personalized and relevant for children.

Since they get to choose the way they learn, we can expect them to excel. Not all children need to excel at the same things at the same time, but they will be expected to develop areas of mastery.

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A dynamic curriculum. Learning evolves as the world evolves.

Every day around the world a school discovers a better and more powerful approach to learning.
Our curriculum constantly upgrades just like good software.

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Beautiful, diverse and green learning environments. The world is our classroom.

Our school campus will not be ‘a prison’ where children are dropped off and locked in until they go back home. Our school campus will be a “basecamp” from where they will keep going to discover and explore and will come back to coordinate, make sense and deepen their learning.

Our first campus is part of Colina Noua, an innovative residential concept with great design, communal spaces, plenty of green areas, organic farms, and nature trails.

Our methodology of 'expeditionary learning' and our learning philosophy will ensure that learners spend a lot of time 'out-of-school'. Trips and activities in nature will be a regular part of learning. As our learners grow and become more autonomous, we will encourage projects in which they will visit and learn from real-life situations and real-life professionals.