Accreditation & Partnerships

Our school is fully accredited internationally
by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges)
which is recognized nationally by the
Romanian Ministry of Education.

Transformative accreditation


NEASC was founded in 1885 by the president of Harvard University, they work with some of the most prestigious and established American and International schools and colleges in the world. We chose NEASC because their approach to accreditation matches our learning vision. Their ‘transformative accreditation’ process helps us to ensure that we are doing what we say we do, and inspires us to be both an innovagtive and rigorous school.

This is a well-established and thorough international accreditation. Our learners will be able to transfer to other national and international schools and they can choose to continue their studies at national or international universities.

Member of ECIS


CLC and The Educational Collaborative For International Schools (ECIS) partnered in 2022 to provide Child Protection Training for our staff, along with other professional development opportunities.


We proudly lead the groundbreaking ERASMUS+ project titled "Connecting European Parents' Learning Communities," in collaboration with esteemed institutions: Real School from Budapest and Col.legi Montserrat from Spain. This ambitious project, under the Erasmus+ initiative, is dedicated to fostering stronger connections between parents and educators, elevating the learning experiences for both children and adults.

Our relentless pursuit involves developing and sharing a comprehensive methodology and exemplary practices that empower adult learning. By equipping schools across Europe with effective strategies to engage parents in their children's educational journey, we aim to enhance the overall educational landscape.

Central to our project is the unwavering belief in the pivotal role parents play in their children's education. We understand that supporting parents on their lifelong learning journey is essential for creating a positive and nurturing educational environment within the home.

Through two years of dedicated collaboration, our schools are uniting their expertise to design and implement a comprehensive methodology tailored to adult learning. The result is an invaluable resource of content and methodologies that hold immense value for schools throughout Europe.

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