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What ages do you cater to?

These are the school divisions and age ranges we are opening in September 2021:

Traditional education
Age Ranges
Grade Equivalent
CLC School Division
Early Childhood
2.5 - 4 4 - 6
Middle Childhood
6 - 8
Grades 1 - 2
Primary School

We will gradually expand our age ranges to offer a complete learning journey all the way to graduating from high school. See our full school structure here.

Our vision is to design learning pathways from 18 months to 80 years. Through individualized pathways, we support our members to ‘thrive with purpose’ in this ever-evolving world, whether at top universities or through a more entrepreneurial route.

For our young learners, we design learning that covers all traditional school objectives, as well as holistic and life-long competencies.

For our adult learners, we design learning dynamics that enable them to define their own vision and own objectives, as well as their own pace. Adult learning is entirely personalized and self-directed when it comes to content and pace.

What are the fees?

In our first year, tuition and fees range from 300 € to 400 €/month (to be paid in 4 equal quarterly payments).

There are additional fees (meals, transportation, co-curricular activities, certain trips and events, etc).

There are discounts available for siblings (10% starting with the second sibling) and a special ‘co-creator’ fee for families who are willing to contribute to the development of our adult development and learning program.

Please click here for more information on the costs of tuition and other fees.

Does my child need to speak English?

Learners come to Colina Learning Center with varying levels of English.

Children applying for our Preschool program (ages 2-6) may enter with limited or no English skills.

Children applying for our Primary School program (ages 6-10) do not have a minimum requirement, but their English level will be assessed and , if necessary, they will receive extra support from our learning team.

How is the school accredited?

The school is following the accreditation requirements of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), an accreditation used by many international schools all across the globe. Specifically in Romania, the NEASC accreditation is recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education.

All new schools follow similar steps to accreditation, regardless of the type of curriculum they follow. After opening the school, we will be under the scrutiny of NEASC for the initial years ensuring we are meeting all the requirements for the full accreditation.

What is the curriculum at Colina Learning Center?

Colina Learning Center has a unique integrated adult-child curriculum. On a basic academic level, we are using the New York State Learning Standards delivered through a customised Expeditionary Learning methodology model.

Learning is experiential, project-based and highly personalized. Additionally, we have a life-long view of learning, preparing learners to gain all the competencies needed to have a rich and meaningful adult life.

What is your school calendar?

CLC’s school year starts at the beginning of September and finishes at the end of June.

In 2021 our first day of school will be Monday, September 6th.

What are your school hours?

We will be open
Monday – Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
The schedule for curricular activities is
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
we will include a diversity of co-curricular activities as the school grows and develops
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

In the first year of school, due to the limited number of staff and learners, we can only decide if we can offer these co-curricular activities after we finalize the first round of registrations (May-June).

What is a Learning Designer?

At CLC we have a new name for our teachers: “Learning Designers”. This fits our school’s philosophy that education is not about the teachers teaching but about the learners learning.
This is the main job of the educators on our team: to design learning which is deeply engaging and powerful for each learner.

Our learning designers have experience in international and progressive curricula.
They don’t work in isolation, each alone in a classroom. Their work is profoundly collaborative, ensuring that together, as a team of learning designers (some as ‘subject learning designers’), they design coherent and challenging inter-disciplinary learning experiences for the learners in their care.

What are your class sizes?

Learners will be organized into age ranges instead of single grade levels. An age range combines two grade levels and is served by a dedicated team of learning designers.

CLC’s curriculum is designed to deliver a highly personalized approach to learning. Learners will work in a variety of group settings, including 1-1, small groups, and larger project teams.
Our learners-to-educator ratio ensures that each child receives a high degree of personal attention and individual support. This is an essential piece of CLC’s educational philosophy.

These are our maximum ratios per age range:

  • -2-4s: 7 learners / educator
  • -4-6s: 10 learners / educator
  • -6-8s: 15 learners / educator

Does your school provide a school bus service?

Yes, we will offer a school bus service from September 2021. It will be customized to meet as many of the needs of the families who register with us.

How do you prepare learners for 'real life’?

At Colina Learning Center, we believe that people learn more from how they are taught than from what they are taught. We have a learning model with a life-long view (all the competencies you need to become a thriving, purposeful adult) and a few building blocks common to learners of all ages:

  • Learning by doing in a way which is real and authentic. You learn in ‘real life’
  • Assessing your impact on ‘real life’. Our triple bottom line approach to assessment looks not only at ‘personal mastery of subjects and skills”, but also at the impact on the people and the planet.
  • ‘Real role models’. By including adults in the learning both as mentors but also as active participants in learning and development, we ensure that our young learners see the real complexity of being an adult and see their own learning as relevant for life.

What languages can children learn at your school?

All learning is designed and facilitated in English.

Romanian learners will receive additional support and activities which focus on the proper knowledge of their mother tongue.

For primary school, the focus will be on Mastery of English (in school) and of their mother tongue (in school and recommendations for additional activities at home; reading, writing, primary language deliberate exposure, etc).

From middle school, one of our key curricular areas will be Foreign Languages. We aim for all our learners to be trilingual before they graduate (English + a mother tongue + an international language of their choice).

Foreign languages will be introduced gradually as our school and learners grow.

Does your school
provide meals?

Yes. CLC will offer a catering service which includes lunch and an afternoon snack.

Why and how
is your school different?

CLC challenges some of the fundamental premises of mainstream education. We are applying the latest developments in global education inspired by innovative school frames such as World Economic Forum Education 4.0 or the New Curriculum of Finland

Here is a brief comparison of the features of traditional education and innovative education models: