Guiding Principles

Imagine if CLC had a face. You’d probably see a big smile brought to life by our guiding star principles: progress, connection, and purpose. They're our north star, our guiding light, and they add that special twinkle to everything we do.

They're the heartbeat behind every decision, making sure we dance to the same rhythm, whether you're a parent, staff member, or one of our fabulous learners. So, when you think of us, picture that beaming face – it's our promise to keep things real, human, and always a bit playful!


We are passionate about learning. Whether it is two members of staff planning an activity, a student working on a project, or some families organising a community event we always strive to nurture continuous learning, self-discovery, and the fulfillment of potential in everyone, everywhere.


We are not alone and are aware that it takes a great village to achieve worthwhile dreams. Whatever we are working on, we always look to build strong and lasting relationships, connections, and networks with those around us. This is not only limited to humans.


When people are empowered to find and pursue their passions magic happens. Our goal is to inspire people to bring their dreams to life. We encourage exploration and value the use of our talents and skills to raise the bar for humanity.

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Guiding PrinciplesGuiding Principles