Meet our team

Andreia Mitrea, CEO

Andreia is the CEO of Colina Learning Center. Andreia is an experienced edupreneur. She has a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the Institute of Education, London. She is a coach and an expert in organisational and group learning. She believes that “It doesn’t take “a” village, it takes a great village to raise a child”. She wants to provide that ‘great village’ to every child and every parent, no matter where they are.

Doug Mader, Education

Doug is the Principal of one of the most innovative public high schools in the US, Sycamore High School. Together with his team, they developed the Synnovation Lab, a truly modern, self-paced, engaging and authentic learning experience. Doug is working with the Colina Noua team to develop the concept of an integrated curriculum school.

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Claudia Lixandru, Finance and Operations

Claudia is providing financial and operational expertise at a superb level. She brings experience as CFO, Country Manager, Regional Director in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. She also brings a love for education and equity, ensuring that the numbers and budgets enable us to include as many families as possible in our learning network.

Ewan McIntosh / NoTosh / Advisor on Innovation in Education

NoTosh is a global company leading innovation in education across all continents. The passionate and energising tour de force behind NoTosh is Ewan who is working directly with Colina Learning Center. Ewan will get you to shoot for the moon while at the same time ensuring you pay close attention to every single detail on the ground. The result: innovation in education done right through well-structured design thinking processes and rigorous strategies.

Sarah Harrison, Teaching and Administration

Sarah has impressive experience in education. She has taught from preschool to high school in eight countries. In addition to teaching she brings previous managerial, organisational and administrative skills, life experience and environmental interest. She believes that we learn by stage, not age, so learning, teaching, and work should always be beautiful, just beyond what the learner thought was possible.

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